DRI #3 2019 Online Entries are NOW OPEN

Continuing again with the new (old) race venue at 139 in Pretoria and all the same DRI vibes, be prepared for some new lines and good times. Get more race info here and ENTER NOW!

What you get for pre-registering

  • An amazingly cheap price for 2 days of racing and shuttling and good vibes.
  • Your own custom number board with your name printed on it.
  • Maybe more?! (not like you NEED more, though…)
  • The earlier you register, the lower your race number!

Ready for some new lines?

Dusty has been busy. Be prepared for a little change here and there, or a big change, he is still working on it. He reckons there might be some surprises in Decemeber.

Get your race prep on with DRI shuttle days

Make sure you attend the pre-race shuttle days for some fun times practicing with your mates. Follow the DRI on Instagram and Facebook for announcements!