DRI August 2021: Wrap Up

Photo credit: Dominic Barnardt

With the settled dust being quite fitting I hope you have all marked your calendars for the next one.
( December 11th and 12th )

A new concept and a new trail ( born again) saw over 100 riders eager to get started with the Unofficial timed #DRI.
It was basically a two day shuttle day with the added benefit of some timing involved.
Lucky riders I guess…

Heaps of new faces , young and old came out to share that much needed stoke.
It was clear that the trail was officially open.

Huge thank you and appreciation goes out to Fort Klapperkop and the #ProjectKlappies ( The Friends ) group for letting us be a part of this project. Special mention to Ray, Rob King, Cedric , Stian, Marcelle who played special roles in this trail.
Here’s to hoping for more developments regarding more trails which will in turn create another safe environment for all.

Saturday saw some fast times being put down , which made for some exciting racing on the Sunday.
With a pretty nippy start to Sunday everyone was eager to get going. The track started to change quickly with a lot more ruts and braking bumps forming. Some say it was slower others say it was quicker. I’d say it was pretty nice.

A full tilt day was had by many all looking a little more dusty than usual.
Riders not knowing what their final times were compliments of me, ( not sure who that is, the guy typing this) it was time to reveal who the King and Queen of the Fort were.
The overall women’s went to Arielle Behr with a total time of 4 minutes 32 sec.
The overall men went to Frank Meyer with a time of 3 min 36 sec.

It was tough putting down consistent times as you’d have to be really precise and timing was of the essence.
Social distancing at its best I guess.

For now #KeepItTidy and see you soon.

Photo credit: Dominic Barnardt

A huge thank you goes out to the sponsors

  • Red Bull South Africa
  • Fox Racing South Africa
  • On Point Industries
  • Griffin Studios
  • Shinz
  • Rapid Studios
  • Dirt Nurse Fast Action Cleaning Products
  • Ballistic Bike Armour
  • Send-It Bike boxes
  • City Rock and Tranquilitas adventure farm
  • Bike Market
  • Gravity Hub
  • Steyn IP
  • LiveLife
  • Quick Response Services
  • Sprocket and Jack

With out all your support this event is not possible. THANK YOU.


Dustin Rudman Invitational, August 2021: Results on Mobii

Top 5 men:

  1. Frank Meyer. 3:36.236
  2. Dustin Rudman. 3:43.222
  3. Neill Smith. 3:48.902
  4. Christan Kirsten. 3:49.305
  5. Adin Greyling. 3:50.911

Top 5 women:

  1. Arielle Behr. 4:32.786
  2. Nanda Swiegers. 4:43.313
  3. Louise Kotze. 4:43.383
  4. Wendy Odendaal. 4:50.124
  5. Licarmi Smith. 4:50.856

Official event photos by Dominic Barnardt

More photos available by Dominic on Facebook: Day one and Day two.